Moving Sites Within WordPress Multi-Network

October 29th, 2012 by Curtiss Grymala

Every once in a while, we have the need to move or copy a site from one place within our multi-network WordPress install into another area.

There are three basic ways we regularly move or duplicate sites within our installation. Sometimes, we simply need to replicate a site so that we can start from common ground, then modify the duplicate to include different elements. Other times, we simply need to move a site from one network to another (for instance, when research indicates that a specific area within the university website belongs under a different parent). We also come across the need to take a site that was previously a subsite within a network (a subdirectory under one subdomain) and “promote” it to be its own network (where it gets its own subdomain). It should be noted that, when moving a site from one network to another, you can rarely do so without having to manipulate the database a little bit. The complexity of the move often dictates just how much you’ll have to mess with the data. Read the rest of this entry »