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At Ten-321 Enterprises, we are committed to the open software environment; sharing much of our code and projects with the world. As part of this commitment, we choose to use WordPress almost exclusively for new website projects, including our own network of websites. Whenever a new feature is needed, we develop a custom solution.

Much of the time, if a new feature seems to fill a considerable need for the community or if we find that we are implementing the same features over and over again, we will release the new code to the community through the WordPress plugin repository.

You can view information about our plugins and keep up to date with new developments on the Ten-321 WordPress plugins website.

We are also currently in the process of developing a barebones parent theme for WordPress. At this point, the Ten-321 Framework has been used as the backbone of two public projects (Tooth Town Pediatric Dentistry and M-SPAN), and will most likely be continuously developed and used in many future projects.

You can keep an eye on the development of the Ten-321 Framework, too. If you want to experiment with the framework, or are interested in contributing to it, you can download the latest development version from our code repository.

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