Software Development, Implementation and Configuration

During the design phase, a developer will conduct a meeting with the Client to determine how the content should be presented to the public. Upon reaching an agreement with the Client, the developer will either obtain the necessary software and licenses or will begin to develop the necessary software application.

Any licensing fees that need to be paid for the software must be paid by the Client. At no time will the Company purchase any software or pay any expenses without prior written consent from the Client.

For a standard website, a content management system (CMS) is generally used to publish the content of the site to the Web. In most cases, a free, open-source CMS can be used for the development of the site. If this is the case, the Client can expect to incur an average of 15 man-hours for the installation and configuration of the CMS.

In cases of especially complex or specialized websites, it is generally necessary to develop a custom software solution for the project. If it is necessary to develop a custom software application for the project, a separate proposal may be prepared outlining the scope of the development, and the Client may expect to incur up to 300 man-hours of development.

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