Website Designs

The design process is a very carefully planned, interactive process between the Company and the Client. Ten-321 Enterprises will conduct a meeting with the Client before beginning work on the design of the website. After all of the ideas for the appearance of the site have been discussed, one of the Company’s designers will commence the design process, developing an attractive and functional look for the project.

Upon completion of the design, a proof will be sent to the Client to be approved. At that time, a developer will slice up the design and turn it into a template for the backend software application that will be used to publish the project to the Web.

Generally, the design phase of the project takes an average of 10 man-hours of design time. Depending upon the complexity of the design and the wishes of the client, it can take up to 30 hours to complete the design and develop the appropriate template(s) for the project.

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