Careers Through Faith

April 15th, 2012 by Curtiss Grymala
Careers Through Faith - New Home Page

Our work with Careers Through Faith was yet another collaboration with Moeller Design. This time, we were actually referred by Moeller Design, and when the client decided that design work was needed, we pointed them back in the Moellers’ direction.

With this project, we were tasked with re-imagining the client’s existing website, helping to reorganize and redesign it while moving them into WordPress. This is the fourth project to utilize the Ten-321 Framework as its parent theme, allowing us to quickly and easily implement the various features the client desired and the design inspired.

For this website, the home page needed two distinct dynamic areas. At the top of the page, there is a slideshow of various announcements and news items; at the bottom, there is a slideshow of testimonials. Both slideshows use the FlexSlider jQuery plugin to implement the slider functionality, while the testimonials also use the tipsy jQuery plugin to create the dynamic tooltips. That slider also takes advantage of some of the simpler new 2D animations available in CSS3.

Within the website, the client also desired the ability to post events that would automatically roll off the website after they had passed. For that, we set up a custom post type that uses custom fields to identify the event date and time, along with a description and a link to the registration form. The custom posts are then sorted in ascending date order, ignoring any that are already complete.

The most challenging portion of this project was implementing the various curves and angles used within the header and navigation. Unfortunately, as of yet, CSS still does not provide a good way to implement those types of angles, curves and layers, so this theme required some additional markup and images that you don’t normally see in our projects.

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