Building Great Dads

October 21st, 2012 by Curtiss Grymala
Building Great Dads - Home Page

The Fatherhood Project’s “Building Great Dads” website was another collaboration with Moeller Design. This project came on the heels of our work retrofitting the edUi 2012 website to be responsive. In this case, however, since we were working from a clean slate, we were able to develop the design in a more logical manner, focusing first on small form factors and then adding new design elements as the screen gets larger.

This was a fairly simple project with very few bells and whistles. The majority of the project simply involved developing the layout and inserting the content. The only extra functionality we had to add for this site was an interface through which the client could add new upcoming events. For this project, we used an interface very similar to the one we used on the Careers Through Faith project, but added a few more controls for the client.

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