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February 10th, 2012 by Curtiss Grymala

After we finished working on the M-SPAN website, the client decided that they would like us to modify the existing Buddy to Buddy website to look and function a little nicer. Buddy to Buddy is one of the programs that falls under the M-SPAN umbrella. The Buddy to Buddy site was already built in WordPress, so very little content work needed to be done for this project.

We were initially approached to help fix a few errors and issues with the existing theme and to adjust the colors and imagery to fit better with the branding of the M-SPAN website. After we raised the possibility of applying the same WordPress theme to both sites, the client jumped at the opportunity.

To implement this project, we worked from the M-SPAN theme (which is based on the Ten-321 Framework) and built a custom plugin to modify the theme (since you can’t have “grandchild” themes in WordPress, and we didn’t want to modify the M-SPAN theme itself, just in case they ever move the 2 sites into a single installation).

The main modifications that the custom plugin makes are outlined below.

  • Since the header images for each site differ in size, the plugin modifies the size and default location of the image.
  • The default footer text is filtered through the plugin
  • A handful of filters are removed, and a handful of custom post types that are used on M-SPAN are unregistered
  • The default featured image is modified and moved
  • The banners used on the home page support customized text, rather than requiring the text to be embedded into the banner image (the design of the banners on the M-SPAN website required that the text be embedded).

After the M-SPAN WordPress theme was applied, and those modifications were made, we made a few additional changes to the site. A new page was added to spotlight the program collaborators and sponsors, new photos were added and a bit of the content was reorganized and restructured.

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