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October 23rd, 2012 by Curtiss Grymala

I’ve had a few people ask about the size of the WordPress installation we’re using at the University of Mary Washington, so I wanted to make a quick blog post to run through some of the numbers.

Before I get into that, though, I want to give a brief synopsis of what WordPress looks like at UMW. About 5 years ago, Jim Groom and his crew in our Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies (DTLT) set up a WordPress system called UMW Blogs. UMW Blogs is a place for students, faculty and staff to set up their own blogs. It is a WordPress multisite environment (actually, I believe they have migrated to a multi-network setup, as well; but I’m not 100% sure). They are running the system on their own hosting account, and they handle all of the administration and maintenance of the system (with a tiny bit of development help from me every once in a while).

On the other side, we have had the main University of Mary Washington website (which we affectionately call “dub-dub-dub”) running on our WordPress multi-network installation for a little over a year. I am responsible for the majority of development, administration and maintenance of the entire system. We have that running on our own dedicated machine in-house.

Now, onto the numbers.

WordPress Stats

On the UMW website, we have:

  • 44 multisite networks
  • 264 separate sites setup across those networks
  • 2,466 distinct posts
  • 6,806 separate pages
  • 19,387 attachments
  • A total of 22,532 published content pieces. Approximately 8,500 of those are duplicates that have been pushed to an automated site index; the rest are distinct posts, pages and other custom post types sprinkled throughout the system. That number does not include the attachments mentioned above.
  • 1,392 users

On UMW Blogs, there are:

  • 6 multisite networks
  • 7,170 separate sites setup across those networks
  • ~9,500 users

Unfortunately, at this point, I don’t have an accurate way to estimate how many published pieces of content there are within UMW Blogs. The aggregate site (created with Sitewide Tags) shows ~8,000 posts, but I have no way of knowing how accurate a picture that is of the overall stats for the installation.


The UMW website launched on the WordPress platform on Oct. 7, 2011. Over the past 12 months (Oct. 23, 2011 through Oct. 22, 2012), Google Analytics has given us the following information:

  • The website was visited a total of 5,113,677 times. That’s an average of ~426,000 visits per month; ~98,000 per week; and ~14,000 per day.
  • 1,858,340 unique visitors came to the site. That’s close to 155,000 unique visitors each month; 36,000 per week; and 5,100 per day.
  • 18,684,364 pages were viewed. That’s an average of nearly 1.6 million pageviews per month; 360,000 per week; and more than 51,000 per day.
  • Our average visit duration was 3 minutes, 6 seconds
  • The bounce rate over the past year is 19.44%
  • Close to 45% of our traffic came from direct visits; nearly 29% came from search engines (all organic); and almost 26% came from referrals (though, for some reason, a large majority of those “referrals” are from our own sites, so I’m not sure what’s up with that).
  • Other than “referrals” from, our largest referrer was Facebook, with more than 100,000 referrals over the past year
  • Internet Explorer was the browser of choice among our visitors, making up close to 39% of the total visits over the past year. IE6 made up less than half of a percentage point of those visits, with IE8 comprising 54%, IE9 comprising 35% and IE7 making up 10%. Safari made up 23%; Firefox made up 20% and Chrome comprised 15% of our total visits. Looking at the numbers for the past month, the percentages are not radically different than they are for the whole year, though IE6 and 7 were basically cut in half; IE8 and 9 are now neck-and-neck; and Chrome gained a few percentage points.
  • Approximately 6% of our visits came from mobile devices
  • Nearly 65% of our audience visited the site at least twice; more than 50% visited four or more times

About UMW

I am also often asked how big UMW is, and how many students we have. According to the University fact sheet, there are approximately 4,000 undergraduate students enrolled at UMW.

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