A History of Ten-321 Enterprises

A History of the Company

Ten-321 Enterprises started in 1995 as a niche sub-contractor for a printing and desktop publishing company in Virginia, designing promotional materials for musical artists and acts. After a few years, the Company began to branch out to more clients; and started to refine its services to focus mainly on Web-based materials. The company is a sole proprietorship with Curtiss Grymala as its principal. Over the past 17 years, through his work with Ten-321 Enterprises and other projects, Grymala has honed his skills in PHP and MySQL development, become an expert in CSS and (X)HTML coding and is recognized as a leader in the field of WordPress development and higher education Web development. While experienced in all manners of PHP and MySQL development, the Company has found a new niche in developing WordPress-based websites for educational and non-profit organizations. Our mission is to provide clients with attractive, accessible, usable websites that are simple to maintain and manage.

With Grymala’s professional experience at public institutions of higher education and Ten-321’s experience with non-profit organizations, the Company has a unique appreciation and understanding of the unique challenges and benefits of working with those groups. Proposals developed by Ten-321 Enterprises reflect a thorough understanding of the projects and their requirements; an understanding most likely not found at any other Web development company.

Every task performed by Ten-321 Enterprises or its subcontractors is overseen by its principal, Curtiss Grymala. All work performed by subcontractors is reviewed and approved by Grymala before presenting the product to the Client, ensuring consistently high quality and adding a personal touch to the relationship between the Company and the Client.

Between 2008 and 2009, Grymala managed the entire website revision process (Information Architecture, content revision, theme development, custom content management system development, content population, thorough testing and debugging, search engine optimization configuration, accessibility and usability testing and more) for the Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) website.

He also managed much of the process to revise the entire University of Mary Washington website, moving it from a manual management process into a unique implementation of WordPress. Throughout this project, Grymala was responsible for the majority of the custom development involved in the project and was involved in the information architecture, content revision and population, accessibility and theme development processes.

In 2010, Ten-321 Enterprises worked with Moeller Design to revise the Bethania Kids website, assisting with the information architecture review and content revision processes; and managing the software installation/configuration, search engine optimization, content population and custom development processes of the project.

Upon completion of that project, the Company worked again with Moeller Design to create a brand new website for Tooth Town Pediatric Dentistry and Military Support Programs and Networks (M-SPAN), as well as revising existing websites for Ann Arbor Christian School and Buddy to Buddy Volunteer Veteran Program.

At the end of 2011, Ten-321 also worked with David Berman Communications, a leading accessibility expert in Canada and the United States, to completely revise its existing website. During that project, Ten-321 worked to move hundreds of content entries from a static website into a new custom WordPress implementation.


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